Z51 Bluetooth Single Driver Earphones


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Custom fit, lab manufactured single transducer in each earpiece, Bluetooth interface to smartphone or other device. 

Choose from soft silicone or firm acrylic ear mold material. Exclusively from InEarz Sport, Fusion SoftTM  combines a soft silicone earmold with a hard acrylic face plate for the most comfortable electronic hearing protection in the world.  Computerized 3D laser mapping technology ensures accuracy to <0.002” creating a perfect fit.

This Bluetooth microphone cable that allows you to control your music or take a call while wearing your earphones.  Perfect for gaming, exercising, or any other casual listening enjoyment. Features Bluetooth 5.0 for reliable streaming from your favorite audio source.  Dual batteries provide hours of enjoyment with each charge. 

  • 20 hours of continuous playback per charge
  • Water and sweat resistant design
  • DSP Noise Reduction Technology helps reduce background noise and echo feedback for a quieter and more seamless use experience.

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