If your in-ear monitors do not sound right:

    • Please check for buildup of wax/debris on the outer shell and the sound ports at the end of the canal, if debris are found use a microfiber towel or antibacterial wipe to clean the outer shell and the provided cleaning tool to remove any wax buildup in the sound ports. Also if you sweat a lot sometimes filters can soak up moisture, we recommend purchasing a container to help extract moisture from your in-ear monitors after each usage.
    • If after cleaning the in-ear monitors you still have a sound issue check to see whether its one side or both sides that are malfunctioning/working at all.
      • If you have followed these steps and have not solved your issues you may have a faulty set of in-ear monitors, which we can repair whether its in warranty (check warranty page for coverage details) or out of warranty
      • If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to call us or email us at

    Can I get an audiologist to modify my in-ear monitors if I have a small fit issue?

    • Yes you can get someone else to modify the outer shell if you have a small fit issue, but this will void the fit warranty and possibly the hardware warranty as we cannot be responsible for any damage caused by a third party.

    The in-ear monitors feel strange when wearing them, is this normal?

    • At first in-ear monitors will take some time to get use to, especially if you are new to customs. Please give it some time before sending them back in. If you feel pain or extreme discomfort, then we need to be concerned about the fit, also be sure that the in-ear monitors are inserted correctly and fully seated. If you have pain or discomfort please contact us and we will help fix the issue, it may not even needed to be sent in at all. 

    I do not hear the bass response, what do I do?

    • We suggest pushing the in-ear monitors into your ear, if the bass response returns you most likely have a slight seal issue

      What do I do if I need a repair and/or refit?

      Please download our repair form, complete and print out our repair form and send it with your in-ear monitors by mail to:

      InEarz Sport
      170 N. Cypress Way
      Casselberry, FL 32707