Ear Impressions & Audiologists

Why do I need ear impressions?

Ear impressions are required for making custom in-ear monitors or any custom ear product. We require physical ear impressions as we handcraft all of our products and manually trim and detail ear impressions. This is one of the most important steps, to get a proper fitting in-ear monitor we need the impressions to meet our guidelines. We now accept digital/3D ear impressions at this time.

How do I get ear impressions?

1. Use our map of recommended audiologist to locate an audiologist of your choosing. If by chance there is not one near you we recommend using Google to search for a reputable audiologist near you.

2. Schedule an appointment with an audiologist to have your ear impressions made.

3. Print out our audiologist tip sheet(PDF), read through it and bring it with you to your audiologist appointment. This is a very important step to help let the audiologist know exactly what guidelines we require for ear impressions and to prevent possible rejection when we receive them.

4. After you have received your ear impressions, mail them to our office along with your order form filled out. If purchasing reshelling services send your IEM's as well. You can choose any courier you wish, but we recommend using a courier with a tracking id/number. (Address can be found on the contact page)

5. If purchasing the rush option, mark on the outside "RUSH" on each side of the box, this helps it get processed faster when intake orders.

6. Allow 1-2 business days to process your orders/ear impressions once they arrive at the office.

7. Sit back and wait for your awesome purchase to arrive!