Earasers Motorsports Hi-Fi Earplugs

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"Whether I'm riding my motorcycle or hanging out at noisy race tracks, I rely on "Earasers" to protect my hearing. You should too! Your hearing is irreplaceable. Protect it with Earasers, the most comfortable and effective ear protection I've ever worn." Dave Despain

For motorcycle riders with full face helmets, we recommend the -19dB filter.  It will provide the clearest sound for your Bluetooth communications and environmental awareness.  If you have a 3/4 or half helmet, we recommend either the -31dB filter or our Peace & Quiet earplugs.  The additional reduction will provide better protection against the increased wind and road noise.


The Earasers soft silicone design is based on one of the most widely used hearing aid tips in the market. There is no need for expensive trips to a specialist to get custom ear molds. The Smart Seal technology conforms to the shape of your ear canal for a more comfortable fit that you can wear all day.

Earasers can be cleaned and reused, and when the silicone tip starts to get old, they can be “Renewed” with new silicone sleeves.


Tip on sizes:  

  • 75% of men use Medium
  • 75% of women use Small
  • 75% of young adults use Small