UH-2 Stereo

UH-2 Stereo

UH-2S / 24" Stereo Cord

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For those looking for a way to resolve the issues with an mp3 player, satellite radio, or comm system on a motorcycle and have the NEXT LEVEL in sound reproduction, this is the product for you. More bass, cleaner, thicker, fuller, sound, with comfort and protection in any riding style. It can be used in other applications such as, the gym, commuting or on the airplane. The UH-2 will deliver!

The UH-2 is a product that evolved from requests of previous UH-1 who liked the durability but, wanted a more robust sound for applications including riding, on an airplane or in the gym. Choose from firm acoustical plastic or soft medical grade silicone, each made in our digital lab for a perfect fit the first time. Dual drivers and crossover in each ear piece produces brighter, cleaner, fuller, more robust sound. Provides protection of 29-32 dba reduction of outside sound.

Exclusively from InEarz Sport, Fusion SoftTM  combines a soft silicone earmold with a hard acrylic face plate for the most comfortable electronic hearing protection in the world.  Computerized 3D laser mapping technology ensures accuracy to <0.002” creating a perfect fit.

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