BigShots Custom Electronic Hearing Protection

Sale price $1,299.00

Sound quality, noise reduction and comfort make BigShots a welcome replacement of your uncomfortable earmuffs! Concentration and balance are required to make a perfect shot. BigShots allow you to remove your head-gear keeping sweat from running down your face at the wrong time. Lessening the strain on your neck muscles also helps your ears at the core of your balance center.

BigShots compress loud sounds – keeping them under 92dB SPL. A digital processor keeps speech clear even in the presence of noise. BigShots not only protect your ears, they enable you to hear sounds up to a half-mile away!  Choose your technology needs with our four different STAGEs.


Programming Options

STAGE-1: Standard output, No Multi-Memory

STAGE-2: Increased output, MPB On/Mute

STAGE-3: Increased output, MPB On/Noise/Mute

STAGE-4: Max output, MPB On/Noise/Tcoil/Mute


Stereo Add-On Options

MPD1: Single Driver IEM with Fixed Cord

MPD1B: Single Driver IEM with Bluetooth Cord

MPD2: Dual Driver IEM with Fixed Cord

MPD2B: Dual Driver IEM with Bluetooth Cord

MPD3: Three Driver IEM with Fixed Cord

MPD3B: Three Driver IEM with Bluetooth Cord