Arsenal Hearing Protection System

Regular price $799.00

The Arsenal Hearing Protection System is a modular system that allows you to customize it for use in many different situations.  The system is based around our state of the art electronic modules engineered to provide incredible audio in varying environments while simultaneously compressing loud sounds down to a safer level.  The electronic modules can be used with foam or silicone tips for a quick and economical fit, or matched with an optional set of silicone earmolds custom molded to your ears for superior comfort and isolation.  Includes three sizes of foam tips.

The electronic modules can be swapped out for one of our other modules depending on your needs.

Solid Module:  $30 - Maximum isolation.

Music Module:  $50 - An insert in the module houses a sound filter designed to reduce damaging frequencies to a safer level while maintaining your ability to hear voices and conversation.

Headphone Module:  $220 - A dual driver headphone module with one balanced armature for clean, crips highs, and one dynamic driver for smooth and rich lows.

Officiating Headset Module:  $35 - If you use the Vokkero Push-to-Talk system and are tired of the poor, unstable fit, use this module.  Headset clips into module, and then the module can be used with a foam tip or inserted into our custom mold.