Arsenal …Persona Medical announces the first, truly modular hearing system

Casselberry, FL, – The Arsenal modular hearing system under the InEarz Sport brand by Persona Medical, provides an exciting new flexible solution to six different industries.  By using a single soft silicone custom earmold, different modules can be inserted, providing maximum flexibility and tremendous cost savings to the end user.

The Arsenal modules may be worn with a foam or silicone tip for a straight out-of-the-box solution but, peak isolation and comfort come from our digitally produced silicone earmolds.  Accurate impressions of your ears are required to make these earmolds.  Persona Medical archives your ear impressions as a free bonus. Future orders and repairs can be addressed without having to go through the process of acquiring new ear impressions.

The heart of the Arsenal system is the electronic modules packed with advanced electronic technology straight from Persona Medical’s hearing instrument platforms.  This advanced technology provides fast attack and release times for improved protection against impulse noise and clarity in constant noise, for applications in many challenging environments.  The circuity found inside, provides targeted amplification of the sounds most difficult to hear, while the processor minimizes noises such as wind.  InEarz Sport will offer the Arsenal in two technology levels.

Additional modules provide sound solutions for a myriad of situations, including:

  • In Ear Monitors – A dynamic driver and high-end balanced armature, team up to deliver exhilarating sound for on the go listening. Available with a standard 48” stereo cord with a 3.5mm connector, or a rechargeable Bluetooth neck cord for wireless connectivity to your phone or other audio sources.
  • High Fidelity Ear Plugs – The same filters found in our popular Earasers Hi-Fi earplugs, are now available in the Arsenal filtered modules. Choose from three levels of sound reduction that deliver astounding clarity while protecting your ears against the most damaging frequencies.
  • Full protection Blockers – A solid module designed to block as much sound as possible.
  • Coaches Headsets – A more comfortable solution, that will not fall out of your ear. Great for football, soccer and other officials who wear a communication headset. *Confirm compatibility before ordering.
  • and even more selections yet to be introduced!  

Persona Medical utilizes over 50 years of experience in manufacturing hearing instrument styles along with the latest technologies in drivers and digital scanning to make your fitting perfect!

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